Great Opportunities!

Yes! Up-To-U “Shop & Earn” Referral Programme is offering you the chance of Extra Income through our


Members are entitled to multiple benefits as below:

Enjoy 5% to 20% discount on selected items when you purchase from any Hockhua Tonic outlet or Hockhua E-store @

Earn Incentive Points (IP) when you purchase from any Hockhua Tonic outlet or Estore. This IP can be used to redeem selected products after Chinese New Year. The more IP you accumulate, the more items or higher value products you can redeem. There is no expiry date for IP up to date.
Note: You will receive a letter or email informing you on how to check your IP and the items available for redemption after
Chinese New Year.
Join our UP-TO-U Membership Plan when you purchase from our E-store. Earn Cash Rebates on a quarterly basis based on the Point Values (PV) you have accumulated from the purchases you made on our E-store.


Performance Bonus 30%

Accumulation of personal group sales attaining 10,000 Point Values (PV) and above in any quarter to become a
Gold Member. (i.e. Jan to Mar, Apr to Jun, Jul to Sep, Oct to Dec)

The bonus distribution is as follows:

Point Value (PV) Bonus Percentage %
100 - 199 6%
200 - 499 9%
500 - 999 12%
1,000 - 1,999 15%
2,000 - 3,499 18%
3,500 - 4,999 21%
5,000 - 6,999 24%
7,000 - 9,999 27%
10,000 & above 30%

Leadership Bonus (Gold) 10%

A qualified Gold Member* (see note 4) will be entitled to earn the following Leadership Bonus from his/her first 3 generations of qualified downline Gold Members (based on their respective personal group sales PV):

Explanatory Notes:

  1. “Up-To-U” members are entitled to earn overriding as Performance Bonus from their downline groups based on the bonus percentage difference between the members and their direct downline groups, provided a personal sales quota is maintained as follows:
Basic Member 60 PV quarterly
Gold Member 60 PV quarterly
  1. All PV earned by members that are not entitled to overriding will be compressed upwards to the next qualified member that is entitled to overriding.
  2. A Basic Member shall be promoted to a Gold Member if he/she has accumulated a personal group sales of 10,000 PV or more (inclusive of his/her personal 60 PV) within any quarter.
  3. Qualified Gold Member is one who has maintained at least personal group sales of 5,000 PV (inclusive of personal 60 PV)for each quarter in order to earn 30% as Performance Bonus and Leadership Bonus (if any) respectively.

The Illustration of Your Cash Rebates


  • Anyone aged 18 and above.
  • Membership enrolment fee $10.
  • Renewal of membership fee is $10 annually.
  • Renewal of membership at any Hockhua Tonic outlet or log on to
  • No product purchase required when enrolling for membership.


New Membership Fee

For new enrolment of membership, first year membership fee is $10 (comes with member’s manual).

Renewal of Membership Fee

The renewal of membership options:

1 year = $10

3 years = $20 (save 33%)

In order to continue to enjoy the benefits as a member (such as discounts, cash rebates, IP for exchange of gift items), it is advisable to renew your membership before the due date or upon receipt of the “Notice of Renewal”.

Note 1:
You will receive your membership card together with the “Welcome Letter” within one month from the
date of enrolment.

Note 2:
The company will send you the “Notice of Renewal” one month prior to the due date. You will receive your
renewal card once you have renewed your membership.


Invalid Member

The membership will be ceased if a member does not renew his membership by due date. Hence, the invalid member is no longer entitled to benefits such as discounts, incentive points and the payable commission (if any).

Renewed Membership

If the invalid member renews his/her membership any time thereafter, then he/she will continue to enjoy the benefits as mentioned herein.

Transfer of Membership

Membership is strictly non-transferable.

Check your Point Value (PV) Online

Members can check their personal point value (PV) online as well as their group sales volume.

Update of Personal Particulars

Option 1: Fill up the “Update of Personal Particulars Form” at any Hockhua Tonic outlet.
Option 2: Update us online

Singapore Independent Member’s Terms & Conditions

I hereby apply to become an independent member (herein call “Member”) of Up-To-U Marketing Pte. Ltd. (herein call “Up-To-U”) and abide to the following:

  1. I have attained the legal age of 18 years old at the date of signing this contract. As a member, I can enjoy price discounts on selected items and point accumulation when I make purchase from any Hockhua Tonic outlet or Hockhua E-store. I can also earn Cash Rebates on a quarterly basis based on point value (PV) accumulated when I make purchases from Hockhua E-store.
  2. Upon acceptance of this application by “Up-To-U”, I shall hereby become an independent member of “Up-To-U” responsible for my own business and not as an employee, representative or agent of the company.
  3. I shall not assign my membership to any person or business entity without the company’s consent.
  4. I shall not make use of any trademarks or trade names owned by “Up-To-U” other than officially released materials provided for membership usage.
  5. I agree to pay my taxes due resulting from earning commission income as an independent member of “Up-To-U”.
  6. I shall make no specific earnings representations or income guarantees, expressly or by implications when presenting the “Up-To-U” compensation plan.
  1. I may submit my resignation at anytime by giving written notice to “Up-To-U” if I decided not to continue participating as a member.
  2. I acknowledge and accept that any violation or non-compliance of the terms of the contract may result in the termination of my contract by “Up-To-U” as it deems appropriate in its sole discretion.
  3. I authorise “Up-To-U” to disclose information (that may be confidential) relating to me to government agencies or regulatory bodies upon their request or if required by law.
  4. There is no purchase of products required to be a member of “Up-To-U”, except enrolment fee of $10 for the starter kit and admin cost, membership renewable annually at $10 as postages and admin cost therein.
  5. All products (except wine products) sold are Money Back Guaranteed within 21 days from the date of purchase, provided the returned item must be re-sellable and in good condition, accompanied with its original receipt.
  6. I consent to be contacted by Hockhua Group via email, text messages and post for promotional materials and any matters relating to company updates.
  7. “Up-To-U” reserves the right to revise prices, point values, policies and company’s compensation plan as required from time to time.