Product Gallery

Ginseng/Birdnest/Snow Jelly

Cultivated Ginseng Slice

Poh Ma American Ginseng Tea (12 sachet)

GC Birdnest Beverage w Ginseng


Poh Ma American Ginseng Powder

PohMa Supreme American Ginseng Tea 50's

HQ FS HSE Bird's Nest (C) (12T)

Supreme American Ginseng Gift Box 12 sachet

GC Cave Bird's Nest Rock Sugar

GC SG Cave Bird's Nest Ginseng

GC SG Cave Bird's Nest Rock Sugar

HQ-FS-HSE-Bird's Nest (Bangka)

Herbal / Herbal Soup

Premium Peach Resin 250G

Chicory Gardenia Tea

Cordyceps Militaris Premium

Wheat Grass Herbal Tea

Premium Noto Ginseng Soup

Premium Cordyceps Fish Maw Soup

Premium Peach Resin

Organic Genuine NingXia Goji

Supplements / Honey

Centrinis H Complete Joint Health

Centrinis H Bilberry Extract

Centrinis H Vitamin C 1000

Manukora Raw Manuka Honey UMF 15+

Centrinis H Jointgood

Wuji Bai Feng Capsules

Tian Yang Bai Feng Wan

Tian Yang Ginkgo Biloba Capsule

Confinement / Meal Essence

HockHua Confinement Complete Pack

TY Da Feng Ai Womens Recovery Bath

HockHua Waist Tonic Essence

Traditional Drip Chicken Essence


HH(CG) BB Chicken Es with Cordy AG Collagen

Mama Soup

HH (DZ) BB Chicken Ess W AG Cordy and CE

AgriFood / Snacks / Unrefined Oil

Collagen Herbal Jelly

USA Pistachio Unsalted

(Seedless) Red Date (Ruo-Qiang)

Shitake Dried Mushroom China

Non Sulphur Bulbus Lilii Premium

S.A. Macadamia (Halves) (Raw)

Honey Sugar

Cashew Nut

Grains / Beverage / Tea

Fei Tu Goji Berry Fresh Juice

Good Lady Walnut Black Sesame Mix Powder

Good Lady Golden Lime Marmalade

Good Lady Honey Ginger Tea

Brown Sugar Jujube Longan Ginger Tea

Pu Er Tea Original

Tea Special Grade Oolong

Tea TG Puer Lao Ban zhang Fermented

Abalone / Scallop

China Farmed Abalone (1156) A 40G

South Africa Aqua Abalone A10 120g

Australia Farmed Abalone

Australia Wild Black Lip Abalone

Chile Aquacluture Red Abalone

New Zealand Wild Abalone

China Farmed Abalone 1156

Korea Abalone With Ginseng

Wine / Korean Wine

Don Darias Tinto

Five Geese Shiraz 17

Pelassa Birbet

Tall Poppy Select Shiraz 15

Tall Poppy Select Cab Sauv

BS Gavi 2014

Balbi Soprani Gala Rossa

Five Geese Old Vine Shi 17