Oriental Herbal Tea

福华凉茶 / 东方凉茶

Living life in the fast lane with all stresses of a modern city, people are becoming more aware of the importance of health. In an increasingly man-
made environment, it is important that all-natural foods come without synthetic addictivesor ingredients to be part of our daily diet.

In 2000, Hockhua Group opened its first Oriental Herbal Tea outlet, and was managed by Hockhua Herbal tea in recent years, the company used
mostly natural ingredients such as luohan fruit, chrysanthemum etc, traditional herbal drinks and deserts are freshly brewed and sold to customers, our customer can enjoy various types of traditional herbal tea without them having to go through the long hours of preparation and

Most importantly, the herbal tea concoctions are brewed and sold on the very same day. This is to ensure the quality and maintaining the freshness of the beverage. Hockhua Herbal Tea and Oriental Herbal Tea are operated with 15 outlets in Singapore located in various shopping mall. With our reasonable prices and attractive shopfronts, Both Hockhua and Oriental Herbal Tea outlets are set to grow and succeed further.