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Hockhua Tonic Essence

Food is important to us, and not just for survival. Chinese physicians knew from the start that food can cure illnesses too. Based on the TCM theory that medicine and food come from the same sources, Hockhua has come up with a series of simple and easy-to-follow Waist Tonic Essence recipes so you can enjoy nutritious and delicious meals at home.


  • Strong Bones, Reduces Waist Pain
  • Improves Stamina, Reduces Tiredness
  • Improves Vitality
  • Promotes Blood Formation & Circulation
  • Improves Immunity


  • 100% Natural
  • No Artificial Colouring
  • No Alcohol & Cane Sugar
  • Mellow Taste



For Healthy Kidneys & Liver, Strong Bones, Tocolysis

Red Dates

Good for Stamina & Blood Formation


For Healthy Lungs & Kidneys,
Reduces Cough & Phlegm

Angelica Sinensis

Aids Blood Formation & Circulation,
Reduces Menstrual Discomfort,
Prevents Constipation

Panax Ginseng

Improves Stamina, Promotes
Healthy Spleen & Lungs, Aids Blood
Formation, Relaxation

Radix Morindae Officinalis

For Healthy Kidneys, Strong Bones,

Living in a bustling city with packed daily schedules has resulted in many of us culturing bad habits including unbalanced diets, late nights, lack of exercise, long hours in front of the computer and using electronic devices such as tablets and smart phones. Prolonging these habits will result in our body’s alarm sending us signals like backaches, fatigue, low metabolism and a frail body, etc.

To counteract these effects, adjustments to our lifestyle is essential. Start with regular exercising, fewer late nights, a healthier diet and1 consuming nutritious supplements such as HOCKHUA WAIST TONIC ESSENCE to gradually bring your body’s system back on track.

Pork Ribs Peanut Walnut
w/ Waist Tonic Essence Soup


  1. Blanch the pork ribs in boiling water for a few minutes. Remove and rinse.
  2. Bring water to a boil. Add pork ribs, peanuts and walnuts. Boil over low heat for 1 hour.
  3. Add Hockhua Waist Tonic Essence and season with salt. Stir well and serve.


500g Pork Ribs (rinsed)
50g Peanuts & 20g Walnuts (both soaked until expand)
5g Salt
Hockhua Waist Tonic Essence (1-2 cups. Use measuring cup provided)
Calciun 16mg


½ Chicken (rinse and cut into pieces)
4-6pcs Dried Mushroom (Presoaked, keep 250ml mushroom water for further use)
Spring Onion (diced)
Ginger (chunks)
2pcs Star Anise
Hockhua Waist Tonic Essence (1-2 cups. Use measuring cup provided)
1 tbsp rice wine / 1 tbsp sugar / 2 tbsp dark soy sauce / some salt

Waist Tonic Essence Stew
w/ Mushroom and Chicken


  1. Heat up oil. Stir fry spring onion, ginger and star anise until fragrant.
  2. Add chicken and stir fry until cooked.
  3. Add seasoning and mushroom water. Bring to a boil over high heat. Turn to low heat and simmer for 20 mins.
  4. Add Hockhua Waist Tonic Essence. Stir well and serve.

Vegetarian Capsules

Why do so many people choose Tian Yang Cordyceps Vegetarian Capsules?

Reasonable prices 120 capsules per bottle, 250mg per capsule

High in wild cordyceps content
Each capsule contains 50mg of wild cordyceps, 200mg of cordyceps militaris

Made in Singapore
Researched and developed by Hockhua’s elite TCM team and manufactured in Singapore facility with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification

Tested for microbes and heavy metals

No additives, no preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring

Halal Certified

Disclaimer: The health knowledge provided here is not meant to replace any medical advice.

In a natural alpine environment, Cordyceps sinensis invades the bat moth larva, causing the larva to become rigid while the fungus takes over the body and starts living in the shell. In summertime, under favourable conditions, a long and slender stem starts growing from the head of the shell. As its Chinese name “dong chong xia cao” suggests, it literally means winter worm, summer grass. Therefore, Cordyceps is neither a worm nor grass.

Wild Cordyceps sinensis grow in alpine grassland at an altitude of 3,800 to 5,000 metres and is distributed in the Himalayan areas such as Tibet, Qinghai and Nepal. Due to the shortage of wild Cordyceps sinensis, researchers from all over the world have started researching on artificial cultivation of Cordyceps. Artificially cultivated Cordyceps mostly belong to the militaris species and its main active ingredient is a substitute for cordycepin and cordycepic acid. It is certified safe to consume and has certain health benefits.

As wild Cordyceps are difficult to yield and harvest, their prices can be 100 times more than cultivated ones.

Suitable for following conditions

Weak immune system

Discomfort or pain on knee
and lumbar

Long working hours,
frequent late nights

Poor blood circulation

Chronic cough with short breath

Benefits of Cordyceps

Cordyceps sinensis has been used as a medicinal herb since ancient China and its efficacy is also recognised by modern science. Cordyceps sinensis is warm in property and possesses a sweet taste. It repairs a weak or injured body, supplies energy and nourishes the lungs and kidneys. It is a popular nourishment for health care and treatment and is suitable for men and women, young and old.

  • Improve respiratory system
  • Ease coughing and reduce phlegm
  • Relieve discomfort and pain in the lower back and knees
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Anti-aging
  • Improve and increase immunity
  • Better convalescence after illness

Wild Yunzhi
Vegetarian Capsules

Advantages of Tian Yang Wild Yunzhi Essence Vegetarian Capsules

Made from natural, unpolluted wild Yunzhi.
Active ingredients extracted directly from natural wild Yunzhi.
Each capsule contains 210mg of wild Yunzhi polysaccharide and 90mg of Wild Yunzhi Fine Powder

Made in Singapore

Researched and developed by Hockhua’s elite TCM team and manufactured in Singapore facility with
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification

Tested for microbes and heavy metals

No additives, no preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring

Halal Certified

Disclaimer: The health knowledge provided here is not meant
to replace any medical advice.

Yunzhi and Lingzhi are both polypore mushrooms from different genera.
Lingzhi belongs to the genus Ganoderma whereas Yunzhi belongs to the genus Trametes.

Detoxify and protect liver, improve immunity, protect and promote liver health. Help reduce side effects from radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Increase immunity, regulate blood sugar, promote liver health, improve sleep quality. Help reduce side effects from radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


How much do you know?

The detoxification function of the liver is reflected in the non-nutritive substances such as drugs, toxins and certain metabolites in the body, which are bio transformed, decomposed and excreted The liver is a very fragile and delicate organ. Improper protection can lead to injuries.

Unhealthy lifestyle such as alcoholism, staying up late, prolonged medication, overusing the eyes, poor diet, quick tempered and infectious diseases can cost damage to the liver, causing lesions such as type A or type B hepatitis, toxic hepatitis, alcoholic liver, fatty liver, cirrhosis, liver cancer, etc.

Once a person contracts liver cancer, the possibility for recovery is very slim. The scariest thing about liver disease is that most patients do not experience or exhibit significant symptoms at the beginning. Most patients often relate loss of appetite, fatigue, chest tightness and nausea.

These symptoms may look like other common ailments, resulting in the delay in diagnosis and treatment. This is why doctors named liver disease as “the biggest invisible killer.” Hockhua’s Wild Yunzhi Essence Vegatarian Capsule is made from natural and pollution-free wild Yunzhi, selected from Dongyue Taishan. Modern medical research has confirmed that the main active ingredient in Yunzhi – Yunzhi polysaccharide peptide, which has the ability to strengthen the immune system, inhibit cell variability and protect the liver. It has obvious repairing effects on liver tissue and promoting liver health. Prevention is better than cure.

Good lifestyle habits, a happy disposition and regular physical examinations are crucial to having a healthy body. These symtoms may look like other common ailments, resulting in the delay in diagnosis and treatment.

The liver is located at the upper right portion of the human abdomen. It is an important detoxification organ of the human body.

It also produces bile which helps with digestion in the small intestine. As the largest internal organ in the human body, it plays a major role in the body’s metabolism and has a regenerative function.

Benefits of Wild Yunzhi

  • Reduce side effects caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • Strengthen immunity.
  • Promote liver health.
  • Relieve hypochondriac pain, fatigue, lack of appetite, dull complexion, skin yellowing, etc.

Suitable for people with these conditions


Frequent late nights

Overstressed eyes

Those undergoing tumor
treatment or rehabilitation

Prolonged medications

Burnout, yellowish complexion

Best Health Solutions

Relieve various discomforts during and after chemotherapy, aid in recovery after major illness or surgery,
improve immunity, protect and nourish the liver, promote liver health.

Pure Lingzhi Cracked Spores Powder
Vegetarian Capsules

The main ingredient of this product is spores powder spouted from log-grown lingzhi growing on Mount Tai, one of the Five Great Mountains in China. After undergoing strict quality management and special processing, up to 99% of the spores’ hard shells are cracked. This releases the ultimate potential of the active ingredients in the spores, which can be directly absorbed by the human body.

This product strictly enforces “Microbial Detection”, “Heavy Metal Detection” and other necessary detections for each batch of raw materials and finished products. This is to ensure the credibility of the source as we are responsible towards our own products and also our customers’ health.

The plant capsules used here are produced with advanced Korean technology and are easily dissolved. Produced according to modern pharmaceutical technology at GMP certified facilities, this product is also Halal certified to ensure each and every capsule meets our consumers’ needs.

Q & A

  1. Does consuming the cracked spores powder cause heatiness? Are there any side effects?
    Answer: Doesn’t cause heatiness. There are no known side effects and it’s safe to be consumed with other food for long-term use.
  2. Is it safe to consume the cracked spores powder when you have a cold?
    Answer: While it is safe to continue with your regular consumption as the cracked spores powder does not affect your condition, you can also seek medical advice.
  3. Are the cracked spores powder capsules suitable for vegetarians?
    Answer: Tian Yang Pure Lingzhi Cracked Spores Powder Vegetarian Capsules do not contain animal ingredients and are suitable for most consumers, including vegetarians.

Since ancient times, Lingzhi has been classified as a valuable medicinal herb. In Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (The Classic of Herbal Medicine), which lists 365 kinds of Chinese medicine, Lingzhi is listed as a “top grade” herb. In the olden days, folks see it as a magical herb with the effects of “immortality”. It is regularly consumed by Emperors for its longevity properties. In terms of immunization and anti-aging, Lingzhi is unsurpassed. It is often used to combat fatigue, calm nerves, enhance mood, improve insomnia and forgetfulness. Long-term use is nourishing and strengthening. It is also used for those undergoing chemotherapy treatment and for post-surgery care.

Understanding Lingzhi Cracked Spores Powder

At only 5 to 8 micrometre wide, Lingzhi spores are the offsprings of Lingzhi and are also used for future reproduction. There are only 10 days a year where Lingzhi will release spores. Every 100kg of Lingzhi can only spurt out 5-10kg of spores, making it particularly valuable.

Lingzhi spores are shrouded in extremely tough shells and are impossible to be absorbed by the human body if the shells are not cracked properly. Under stringent controls and with special techniques, the cracked spores are made easier to absorb up to 45 times.

The main components of Lingzhi spores are: Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides, ganoderma triterpenoids, nucleosides, peptides, and 10 main categories of about 160 kinds of compounds such as organogermanium compound.

Suitable for:

  • All types of people: enhances immunity, improves physical fitness, achieves the purpose of a healthy regimen.
  • Those with a weak constitution and those recovering from illness, to enhance physical fitness and promote recovery.
  • Over-thinking, mind dystrophy, poor sleep, impaired memory and physical health.
  • Helps radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients improve
    toxicity symptoms and improve the quality of life.

Stimulates detoxification of the
liver, promotes metabolism

Improves sleep quality, alleviates insomnia,
relieves fatigue

Maintains healthy cellular
immunity, prevents cell mutation

Purifies the blood

Improves blood circulation and promotes cardiovascular health

Regulates the endocrine system

Easy ways to identify pure cracked spores powder

  • Colour
    Pure cracked spores powder is dark brown in colour, uncracked or half cracked spores powder are lighter in colour.
  • Smell
    Pure spores powder has a unique oily smell as it contains a small amount of natural spores oil.
  • Taste
    Pure cracked spores powder has a slightly bitter taste.
    (Buying Tip: For pure cracked spores powder, it is best to choose from brands that are known for their high credibility, integrity and quality.)
  • Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides
  • Ganoderma triterpenoids
  • Nucleosides
  • Peptides
  • Organogermanium and 10 main categories of about 160 kinds of compounds

Who Should Take JointGood?

As we age, our body becomes weaker. We lose cartilage, resulting in joint pains and a decrease in physical activities, which leads to a loss of bone density and muscle strength. Bioactive Collagen Peptides helps to maintain healthy bone density and muscle mass, giving you joint mobility. Don’t let your beautiful life be affected by joint pains, use JointGood.

No sugar, No preservatives,
No artificial flavouring and colouring.

Performance of the product may vary from one individual to another. Scientific claims are based on actual published clinical studies. If illness persists,
please consult your doctor.

  • 100% Ingredients From Germany
  • U.S Patent 4,804,745
  • Molecular weight (~3000 Daltons)
  • Awarded GRAS by U.S FDA
  • Halal certified

Being forced to give up your love for sports?

Bothered by joint pain in your daily life?

Can cook like a chef but feel your abilities hindered by pain?

Time to enjoy travelling the world but joint pain making it difficult to walk?

Accumulation of JointGood (BCP) in joint cartilage 96 hours after oral application

How Does JOINTGOOD helps in Mobility?

Reduce ankle sprains
and injuries, improve
ankle stability

Patrick Dressler et al. 2018

Regeneration of joint
cartilage in 3 months.

Source: Oesser S et al. 2007

5g per day to improve
bone mineral density.

Source: König D et al. 2018

15g per day to increase
muscle gain and strength,
loss in fat mass.

Source: Zdzieblik D et al. 2015

How JOINTGOOD Improve Joint Cartilage?

Change in the joint cartilage after 3 months

The research indicates that continuously consume
JointGood (BCP) for 3 months, the collagen
production and regeneration of joint cartilage were
both activated. The result shows that a positive
growth of joint cartilage in targeted joints.

Improvement of cartilage in 48 weeks

MRI images shows cartilage growth after JointGood
(BCP) consumption from day 1 to week 48. The result
shows that a positive growth of joint cartilage for those
taking JointGood in regular basis.

What is Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP)?

Bioactive collagen peptide (BCP) is optimized to maximize the regeneration of joint cartilage. It can effectively stimulate the growth of cartilage which helps to ease joint discomfort and improve joint mobility and flexibility. It is an effective supplement that promotes joint mobility, cartilage, stable bones, healthy muscles, strong ligaments and tendons, smooth skin, glossy hair and healthy finger nails.

What is JointGood?

JointGood is a Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP) dietary supplement from Germany. It has extremely low molecular protein peptides (approximately 3000 Daltons). Thus, it is easily digested and absorbed into our body.

Accumulation of JointGood (BCP) in joint cartilage
96 hours after oral application

Q & A

  1. Are there any known side effects?
    JointGood has no known side effects. JointGood is perfectly safe for long-term consumption. BCP was certified GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1999.
  2. Is JointGood a steroid or pain killer?
    No. JointGood is a health supplement, not a drug. It is safe for regular consumption.
  3. When is the best time to consume JointGood?
    You can take it anytime of the day that is most convenient for you. We do recommend adding JointGood in fruit
    juices, honey and your favourite beverages for good taste.
  4. I’m taking glucosamine and chondroitin supplement,
    can I consume JointGood together with them?
    Yes, it is fine to take them together as they do not contradict each other. Both of these health supplements help to make up proteoglycans, which is a key component in cartilage and connective tissues.

Gymnema Sylvestre Sugar Care Herbal Tea

Modern urban High calorie diet and inactive lifestyle will affect our health. Hence, it is important to maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

What are the Benefits of TianYang Sugar Care Herbal Tea?

  • Help to reduce the taste of sugar, and consequently suppresses the sugar craving.
  • Help to block sugar absorption in digestive system.
  • Support sugar metabolism, for healthy sugar level and hence, help in healthy weight management.

Tian Yang Sugar Care Tea Contains Natural Herbs which Help to Support Healthy Sugar Metabolism?

Gymnema Sylvestre Gymnema sylvestre is a woody climbing plant that grows in the tropical forests of India. In India, Gymnema Sylvestre is famous with name “Gurmar” in Hindi which means “destroyer of sugar”. It has been widely used by the population as one of the ayurvedic medicines for nearly 4500 years. Gymnema sylvestre leaf reduces the taste of sugar when it is placed in the mouth, thus it also been used widely to improve sugar craving conditions.

Scientific studies have shown the main component of Gymnema sylvestre: Gymnemic Acid which contributes to the effects. Structure of Gymnemic Acid has been suggested similar to Glucose and they are able to fill the receptors on the tongue and intestine. Thus, Gymnema Acid may help to reduce the taste sugar, and suppresses the sugar craving and help to block the sugar absorption in digestive system. Scientific studies also published that Gymnema Acid may help to support healthy sugar metabolism, for healthy sugar level. Gymnema Sylvestre is a great helper in weight management plan along with healthy diet and exercise.

Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) is rich in catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Polyphenols are antioxidants which is beneficial for health. Bamboo Leaves Bamboo Leaves contain high antioxidants which can fight the cell damaging free radicals. Bamboo leaves also contain soluble fibre which supports healthy diet.

  1. What is Tian Yang Sugar Care Herbal Tea?
    Tian Yang Sugar Care Herbal Tea is blend of Gymnema Sylvestre, which grows naturally in unpolluted India (2700-3200 feets above sea level); Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) from Himalayan; and Highland Bamboo Leaf. Sugar Care Herbal Tea is special formulated for healthy sugar level.
  2. What are the benefits of Tian Yang Sugar Care Herbal Tea?
    Gymnema sylvestre in Sugar Care Herbal Tea helps to reduce the taste of sugar; suppresses the sugar craving. Gymnema acids help to block sugar absorption in digestive system. Sugar Care Herbal Tea helps to support sugar metabolism, for healthy sugar level and weight management. Drink Sugar Care Herbal Tea follow by chewing a candy; you may experience the sweet taste of the candy become mild.
  3. Who is suitable to drink Tian Yang Sugar Care Herbal Tea?
    Anyone wish to maintain healthy body weight and sugar level, sugar care herbal tea could be an excellent choice. Not advisable for those who suffer of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), anemia and G6PD deficiency.
  4. When to drink Tian Yang Sugar Care Herbal Tea?
    It is advisable to drink Sugar Care Herbal Tea 15 minutes after meal. It may help to block the absorption of dietary sugar from the meal. To suppress sugar craving, may drink half cup of before meal.


Stressful and fast-paced environment may affect our health unknowingly. Prolonged stress has become a crucial factor of disruption of normal energy metabolism and hormone imbalance.These may lead to syndromes like tiredness, insomnia, poor diet, poor immunity, weakness in limb, poor blood circulation, unsatisfied sexual activity etc.
If the situation persists, this may affect our daily routine and lead to poor life quality.

Make you Feel Energetic and Younger!

Zest V = Aphrodisiac?

Wrong if you think that zest V is an Aphrodisiac as it contains Tongkat Ali. The benefit of Tongkat Ali on sexuality has been over-reported. It is actually indirectly support healthy sexual function due to its effectiveness on cellular energy metabolism promoting, and endocrine system supporting. Tongkat Ali has been used as antipyretics and herbs to treat disease for both men and women among the native residents.

How I Will Feel?

You will feel energetic after taking zest V. The effect could last for the whole day. For those with sedentary lifestyle, you may experience tiredness after the effect. Do not panic. That is due to the sudden accelerated of the cell metabolism rate. Physical strength will be quickly restored to get enough rest. Continue the zest V for few more days, this situation would not exist.

Any Possible Side Effect?

There are no known side effects. ZEST V vegetarian capsules is a natural herbs blend which support general health. It does not contain any hormones, poisons or steroids that affect our health.

Centrinis Healthwerkz ZEST V vegetarian capsule is a proprietary blend of standardized herbs:

Tongkat Ali Extract, Maca Extract, Guarana Seed and Vitamin E. The finest quality of ingredients has been used and direct import from their native country. It is a natural energy tonic that suitable for men & women.

Ingredients Introduction


  • Widely used as tonic drink among native residents
  • May help to promote energy, reduce fatigue, restore youth
  • An antioxidant that helps to eliminate free radicals to prevent cell-damaging.
  • British Sports Medicine publication reported that Tongkat Ali an ergogenic effect and physical training performance.


  • Been used as functional food for centuries in Andes
  • Help to support stamina and endurance.
  • Journal of North American Menopause Society reported that Maca helps to relieve the menopause syndromes.


  • Rich with natural caffeine, vitamins, alkaloids, tannic acid.
  • Help to support healthy cell metabolism, promote alertness.

Sheep Placenta 3000

Common visible signs of aging include appearance of fine wrinkles, skin become thinner & transparent, loss of underlying fat, dry skin, hair gray, hair loss, nail plate become thinner, disappearance of half moons of nails etc.
Research shows that there are 2 distinct types of aging:

  1. Intrinsic (internal) aging
    Is mainly attributed by Human Genes, it is a natural aging process which begins in our mid-20s;
  2. Extrinsic (external) aging
    Is mainly attributed by Environmental Factors like excessive sun exposure, free radicals, repetitive facial movements, gravity, sleeping positions, smoking, unhealthy diet habit and lifestyle.These factors affect normal aging start earlier at yonger age, or named as premature aging.

How Aging Affects Skin Health?

Does your Sheep Placenta Contain these Active Ingredients?

Contains High Bioavailability Sheep Placenta

  • Rich with SOD, Hyaluronic Acid, EGFs, SCAFs and Essential Amino Acids
  • Extract from fresh placenta with modern and specific technology. Purist quality and compliance with NZFSA (New Zealand Food Safety Authority).

Complete Formula with 6 Ingredients for Skin Cells

  • Easily absorbed and utilized by body


  1. Glucosamine is a basic building block for cartilage cells and ligaments. It is a natural substance that is found in and around the cells of cartilage. It plays an important role in production, maintenance and repair of cartilage. Glucosamine may helps to prevent cartilage degeneration.
  2. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a bio-available sulphur compound which is naturally-occuring. It has been used to relieve swelling, inflammation and pain since ancient times.
  1. Chondroitin gives the building blocks to synthesize new cartilage and to repair the existing damaged cartilage. Chondroitin provides much of the resistance of cartilage to compression. Loss of chondroitin from the cartilage is a major cause of osteoarthritis.
  2. Omega 3 Fish Oil & Cod Liver Oil help to prevent joint inflammation.

Our body can produce glucosamine, but its amount tends to decrease as age catches up. There is currently no recommended amount of glucosamine intake. There is no link between the intake and sex or age. High dosages of glucosamine do not necessarily be absorbed by the body and may become excess.

Do not be misled by the nutritional facts printed on the labels- more nutrients listed do not necessarily mean more effective. Hockhua’s housebrand Centrinis Healthwerkz introduces 3 formulae, each softgel containing 500mg glucosamine, giving consumers the flexibility to choose the amount of intake.


J Faster and more effective! Relieve joint pain!
Suitable for swollen and stiff joints.

After the pain has relieved, may switch to normal fomula:

Glucosamine Plus or Joint Health


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 tablet

Amount per Serving
Glucosamine Sulfate 2KCl 500mg
Chondroitin Sulfate 400mg
MSM 333mg
Vitamin C 2.0mg
Zinc 5.0mg
Manganese 1.67mg
Copper 0.67mg

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 softgel

Amount per Serving
Glucosamine Sulfate 2KCl 500mg
Omega 3 Fish Oil 100mg
EPA 60mg
EPA 40mg
Cod Liver Oil 33mg
Vitamin C 16mg
Calciun 16mg
MSN 41mg

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 softgel

Amount per Serving
Glucosamine Sulfate 2KCl 500mg
Omega 3 Fish Oil 100mg
EPA 60mg
EPA 40mg
Cod Liver Oil 33mg
Vitamin C 16mg
Calciun 16mg


J Promotes Joint Protection + Prevents inflammation!
Suitable for people highly prone to joint inflammation, such as those who are over-weight, experience exercise or physical exertion. Also suitable for stiff joints and relieving mild pain.


J Promote joint protection!
Suitable for everyone and regular consumption.Protects cartilage and joints. Improve joint flexibility and nourish joint cells.


COLOSTRUM or FIRST MILK has been defined as the yellowish thick milk secreted from mammal grands after calving. Compared to normal milk, it is high with nutrients which are important for human health. The content in COLOSTRUM includes: nutritional components, growth factors, immune factors (IgG), Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs) and other health related components.
Research reports have proved that COLOSTRUM able to boost up our immune system effectively.

Benefits of Colostrum:

  1. Support Healthy Immune System
  2. Support Healthy Digestive System
  3. Provide Human Necessary Nutrients
  4. Support Healthy Cells Metabolism
  5. Relieve Hypersensitivity Conditions


  • Vanilla flavour with Bear shape
  • Derived from first 36 hours secretion
  • Rich with high quality: Protein, Immunoglobulin, Growth Factors, Vitamins, Minerals, Proline-RichPolypeptides (PRPs)
  • Each tablet contains 52mg IgG

Double Strength Protection

  • Strawberry flavor
  • Derived from first 36 howurs secretion
  • Added with 100mg of Vitamin C
  • Contain higher IgG: 80mg
  • Rich with high quality:Protein, Immunoglobulin, Growth Factors, Vitamins, Minerals, Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs)
  • Prevents or reduces hypersensitivity conditions
  • Maintain healthy digestive system, promote growth of friendly in our colon
  • Suitable for prevention of cold and flu especially during flu season



Everyone knows how beneficial they are to our body, but do you know what are the differences between the two?

Based on a survey among 500 parents conducted by the Hong Kong University, nearly half of the respondents are unable to differentiate between fish oil and cod liver oil- some even assume that fish oil contains similar nutrients as cod liver oil such as Vitamins A and D, and that eating more fish oil would enhance heart protection.

The truth is: Cod liver oil comes from the liver of the cod fish, whereas fish oil is extracted from the adipose tissues of the fish in the deeps seas.

The oil extracted from the liver of the cod fish contains Vitamins A and D which are essential to healthy eyesight and calcium absorption for the bone.

The oil extracted from the deep sea fishes, which contains poly-unsaturated fatty acids, or otherwise known as Omega-3 which promotes blood circulation, protects the heart and maintains the cholesterol level.

The Vitamins A and D in cod liver oil are fat-soluble which are not easily excreted from the body; an over intake of both vitamins may be harmful to health.



To maintain body general well-being especially children; rich in vitamin A for vision health; rich in vitamin D for better calcium absorption.


Cod liver oil is extracted from the liver of codfish and is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D. Every capsule of 275mg cod liver oil contains 625IU of Vitamin A and 62.5IU of Vitamin D. The adequate daily intakes of Vitamin A and Vitamin D are 5000IU and 400IU respectively. Cod liver oil assist absorption of calcium and strengthens bones and teeth, as well as maintains eyesight and promote metabolism. It also plays an important role in the growth development and immunity of children.
The Vitamin D intake of the elderly who tend to stay indoors is usually low. Vitamin D deficiency lowers the absorption of calcium and may hence affect bone health. Cod liver oil is hence the most suitable Vitamin D intake option for the elderly. According to research, cod liver oil has relieving effects for arthritis.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Softgel

Amount per Serving
Cod Liver Oil 275mg
Vitamin A 625IU
Vitamin D 62.5IU
Omega 3 **



To promote cardiovascular health & better blood circulation; to maintain healthy blood pressure & cholesterol profile; to improve memory.


OMEGA 3 (poly-unsaturated fatty acid) is an essential fatty acid which cannot be produced in our body. It contains 2 well-documented fatty acids Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). EPA has been suggested to improve the cardiovascular health. DHA supports the normal development of the brain, eyes and nerves. Studies reported that OMEGA 3 FISH OIL could be as an anticoagulant to enable blood to flow better and preventing blockage, decreasing risk of arrhythmias (abnormal heartbeats), maintaining healthy blood pressure. It helps to lower risks of heart disease by reducing triglycerides level and LDL cholesterol levels. Reports also shown that omega 3 may improve memory.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Tablet

Amount per Serving
Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg
- EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) 180mg
- DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) 120mg
Vitamin E 1.2IU

It depends on your needs!

Some parents know that DHA can improve one’s memory; hence they bought fish oil for their children. Other parents bought cod liver oil instead, thinking that it could boost their children’s brains. Both fish oil and cod liver oil are beneficial to the development of the children.

However, if some parents are unable to differentiate between both products, and insist on their children to take cod liver oil, this may result in an overdose and will affect their children’s health. Fish oil, and not cod liver oil, is the choice for protecting the heart and blood vessels!
For elderly who tend to stay indoors, their Vitamin D intakes from the sun tend to be lower, making cod liver oil the next best option for them.