Who We Are

Established in 1986, Hockhua first started as a wholesaler of American Ginseng imported from Canada. Soon after, the four founders of Hockhua saw the need for traditional health products in the market and began importing quality bird’s nest. In 1989, the first Hockhua Ginseng Bird’s Nest outlet opened in Hougang, and Hockhua was set to realise the potential in the traditional medicine market.

As Hockhua began developing, we started to bring in herbs, medicines and health products. In 1992, we moved into the retailing of traditional medicines and remedies on a full scale.

Hockhua’s retail business was driven initially by Hockhua Tonic, Hockhua Herbal Tea, Oriental Herbal Tea and Fresh Fruit Stores. As the demand for traditional medicines and remedies increased, Hockhua expanded and restructured our operations to meet the market’s needs. We strengthened our retail offerings while ensuring our competitive edge with reasonable pricing for quality products.


Hockhua Group comprises of Hockhua Holdings and Hockhua Tonic. Hockhua Holdings was established with 7 companies under its umbrella: H.W Ginseng, H.W Birdnest, H.W Herbs, H.W Traditional Medicine, H.W Agri-foods, H.W Seafood and Hockhua Wines. Each specialises in development of its product category including importing, processing, production, distribution, and farming wherever possible, of our specialised products.

Hockhua Tonic now has 80 retail outlets in Singapore and Malaysia. As of 2019, there are 15 licensed herbal tea stores and 12 fresh fruit stores throughout Singapore. The company opened its first store in China, located in Fuzhou, in 2016, and was relocate to Xiamen, Fujian province in third quarter year 2019.

In 2018, our turnover reached $140 million in Singapore and RM40 million (S$13.28 million) in Malaysia. At 2019 Hockhua Tonic is celebrating its 30th anniversary with achievement of 12 consecutive years “Singapore Superbrands” award, Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award, Singapore Quality Class and 10 consecutive years of “Grade A” in Food Safety Excellence award from AVA (renamed as Singapore Food Agency) award.

Our Mission

Develop fully integrated supply chain for all our core products and achieve service excellence as we meet our customers’ needs.

Provide holistic healthcare services to our customers by providing them a good understanding of our products and their benefits as well as helping customers to develop healthy eating habits.

Provide opportunities for our outstanding employees to become shareholders in the privately-held company.

Our Vision

To excel by providing quality health products and good services at affordable prices.

Our Core Values



Customer Focus





Our Logo

The Hockhua logo story: During Chinese New Year, it is customary for Chinese families to stick the character “fortune” (“福”) on their doors. It signifies the arrival of good fortune, peace and health. Likewise, the founder of Hockhua used to do the same at all his shop fronts to celebrate the festive season. Once, while sticking the Chinese character, he noticed that his own company name “Hockhua Ginseng Birdnest Trading Enterprise” contains the two characters: “Hock” – meaning fortune; and “Hua” – meaning prosperity. An idea sparked and he decided to design the company logo with Fortune (“福”) in the middle, surrounded by Prosperity (“华”) outside it in a circular form. In this way, fortune, prosperity, peace and health will be passed on to all Chinese descendants.

Management Philosophy

Our company adopts a positive, transparent and sincere attitude, sharing our achievements and findings with all stakeholders – suppliers, customers and employees. To create a better understanding of our products among our customers, we educate and nurture our team members periodically with knowledge on traditional Chinese medicine and their usefulness.

Sincerity is the core value which Hockhua has stayed true to all these years. It enables our team members – from management to retail staff – to work towards our common goal. It also ensures we know our customers’ needs, and build their trust in our company and products.

The company has always sought to improve, both in “breadth” and “depth”. “Breadth” refers to our retail management system under Hockhua Tonic. It demands that we acquire a wide range of products of the finest quality. It also means we are constantly exploring new products and markets.

“Depth” refers to our seven trading companies, each is responsible to purchase, produce and cultivate the products under its charge. It also refers to their knowledge of these products, from their uses and grading to how and where they are cultivated.

These two principles complement each other. They ensure that the company is committed to meet our customers’ demand for improvement. Finally, the most crucial element in the company’s management philosophy is the dedication to acquire high quality health food and medicinal products at reasonable prices so that every customer can live in a world of natural and wholesome good health.

Our Success Formula

Our success is attributed to three main principles: team work, organisation structure and dedication to customer satisfaction.

From the start, team work is nurtured carefully amongst the team members. We maintain a transparent and caring attitude and communication towards one another, striving to cater to everyone’s needs, so that we can work closely together, by helping one another to enhance professionalism, knowledge and productivity.

The organisation structure are structured such that all staff members are equally treated and job scopes are well defined.

Hockhua’s dedication to customer service means we go beyond providing the best products. We believe in sharing our professional knowledge and going the extra mile for every customer shopping experience.